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We help you succeed in the rising hemp market by bridging the gaps from seeds to growers and farms to manufacturing. 


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Farming Partnerships

At the core of our mission are the farmers and their communities. Where hemp can be a catalyst for more sustainable family businesses and a stronger local economy, HempWave makes it accessible by providing the supply chain and industry-specific guidance.

Clones and Seedlings

When planting the seeds of your livelihood, you don’t leave your raw material to chance. HempWave’s professional growers cultivate 100% female clones, so you get a consistently valuable yield.


Hemp is still the wild west. We get it. HempWave can help you connect the dots. Whether you have biomass to sell, or you’re looking for help finding seeds to meet the rising demand of your operation, we can consult on a variety of transactions, and find the right fit for you.


HempWave is working with independent farmers to ease the transition to farming hemp by offering 90-to-120-day financing on seeds and clones as well as assistance selling the harvested biomass.

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