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Hemp oil n a glass jarIt seems like everywhere you turn, there is talk of health and wellness. We’re caring now more than ever about what we put on and in our bodies, and opting for a lifestyle that’s more natural, non-toxic and sustainable. We want beauty products that are plant-based, and food that’s organic and farmed using methods that only serve the food, the earth and the environment.

Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD), are a growing part of that focus.

The stigma that used to be attached to CBD and hemp is not as strong as it once was. The benefits of CBD oil have been trumpeted enough to catch the attention of not only those who may be suffering from ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, and diabetes but also those who want a more natural, plant-based lifestyle.

Our founding fathers were on to something — CBD is useful in many applications. While they focused more on hemp for paper, paying taxes, clothing and even items like bibles, maps, and flags, modern-day CBD use includes most everything from facial oil to organic cocktails! Here are some of the uses for CBD that are gaining in popularity:

Pain-relieving CBD body lotion
Whether you are in pain because of an intense workout or workplace stress, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD-infused body lotions can be like a modern-day Icy Hot.

Acne-fighting facial oils
Again, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are being put to good use. CBD may help reduce oil production, which tends to be an issue for those with acne.

Foods containing CBD
These aren’t the psychoactive marijuana brownies you’ve seen in movies and TV shows; we’re talking about the trend to incorporate CBD oil into cocktails, coffees, and smoothies, and into granola bars, protein powders and chocolate. You’ll also find chefs infusing their emulsions and purées with CBD.

CBD oil is giving a new meaning to the term “green lifestyle.” It’s just one of the chemicals in cannabis and because it is a plant extract, it can be incorporated into many everyday uses. Look for CBD in your favorite health and wellness products in the coming years!