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If you’re struggling with whether to trust a broker or a buyer with photos of your grow, protect your property with a simple watermark.

As a grower, you’ve doubtless run into a buyer who will not sell without proof of your grow, and you have good reason not to send a photo until you’ve received proof of funds, even with a valid non-disclosure agreement in place. You’re both justified in your reluctance to trust first, but this obviously slows business for everyone.

The answer is to use technology to take definitive ownership of your property, and get the deal rolling.

If you’re no expert on Adobe Photoshop, never fear. There are a good many more approachable apps for every device that will allow you to put your stamp on your photos. Some of our favorites are Over (free on iOS and Android) and Canva.com. Here are a couple of video tutorials:


Creating a watermark is not too difficult, once you’ve decided on your photo program. If you have a logo with a transparent background, you can paste that over your photo, change the color to white, and then reduce the opacity to around 20-30%. Then simply duplicate that as many times as you like, as we’ve done below.

If you don’t have a logo, use the text function within your photo program to create a bold, recognizable name that you can paste on your photo.

Your property is literally your business, and you have every right to protect it from being stolen or used without your consent. By stamping your brand on your photos you will confidently advance your sales.